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We offer you a fair rate for car charter based on an hourly charge;

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5 hrs IRp 350,000 per car
10 hrs IRp 500,000 per car
12 hrs  IRp 650,000 per car
Overtime IRp 60,000 per hour

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The island of Bali is known as the most beautiful tourist destination in the world chosen by travelers from leading agencies and entertainment magazines world wide. Over the years, millions of visitors have come, and then fallen in love with the island’s beauty, culture, tradition, mystery and of course the legendary hospitality of the people.  Bali seems to be a magnet for tourists who come all the time.

It is located in the Indonesian archipelago, near the Equator.  Bali has an eternal summer with warm weather and high humidity. The temperature does not differ much from around 28ºC, but there is a rainy and a dry season. Tourism, cruises, water sports, the best relaxing spas are some of the many activities which await you on this island

We are here to serve you and your needs. When you leave this island of the gods, you are not only taking your luggage with you, but memories that will last throughout your life.

Welcome to Bali Driver Destination! My name is Swandi , I am an English speaking professional Bali tour package organizer. When you arrive in Bali , you will not spend a lot of precious time queuing and waiting for taxis. Car rentals and trying to navigate maps on unfamiliar roads can be very stressful in Bali traffic. We can help …. I ‘ll pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, safely, quickly, efficiently and hassle free.

Suwandi with client in Tanah Lot Temple

Nyoman Suwandi

You can just relax and enjoy the stunning island with our wonderful Bali Driver Destination. Once you are settled into your hotel , you may want to go exploring.  I can show you places secluded and tucked away in Bali, which you could not find on your own. There are many impressive and fascinating things to explore in Bali, such as beautiful beaches, high mountains, green lakes, Balinese dances and the most important places to go that you can’t find by yourself.

We will discover most of the places and leisure activities, such as SPA , cycling , trekking , rafting , horse riding, elephant riding , water sports, etc. I’m happy to take you everywhere you want to go and arrange any tours and activities for Bali. Furthermore I want to do this all for you at a reasonable price.

So … come to our team and you will be rewarded with professional tour guiding and a driver for your Bali tour package.  Our price and the service you receive is definitely the best. You can create your own itinerary or you can have a look at our Bali tour package that we have provided. If you have any questions, we will discuss which package you want to select or customize. Our motto is customer satisfaction become the main objective of our Bali tour packages is that we provide our service guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • Bali Driver Destination (dns) has a team of trusted drivers for a secure and honest Bali tour package with flexibility during your tour
  • Bali  Driver Destination (dns) offers approved child seats and strollers, depending on your needs